The incompetence of the government pays it’s price: From the introduction of the curfew until today 5583 newly infected and 136 dead

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The situation with the corona virus is getting worse and the latest information on a weekly basis show that the pandemic in Macedonia does not subside despite the introduced curfew, but on the contrary the virus pays it’s price.
According to daily information released by the Institute of Public Health in the last week alone, the number of newly infected has risen to 5,583 infected citizens, while the mortality has risen to 1,136, bringing Macedonia to 3,364 deaths since the pandemic began.
The citizens believe that the authorities and the Health minister Venko Filipce are directly responsible for this situation, because not only have they not adopted appropriate measures for protection of the population, but they have not managed to procure vaccines for vaccination and immunization of the population after 4 months.

According to the information, the Republic of Macedonia is a country that has the lowest number of procured vaccines compared to neighbor countries, but also compared to countries around the world.
The world-famous Bloomberg confirms the same. Namely, from the official information of Bloomberg analysis, it is clear that out of 122 countries in the world, Macedonia is the fifth country after procured vaccines, but from behind or 118. Such analyzes, as well as previous analyzes and reports by relevant international institutions and magazines are proof that in the Republic of Macedonia is facing not only the health crisis, but also high levels of corruption and crime, as well as poor economic situation which further confirms that the government has not been holding the strings in it’s hands for a long time.

The leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE also reacts to Bloomberg’s analysis, writing that in terms of the number of vaccines procured, Macedonia is at the bottom of the bottom.
The inability of Zaev and Filipce to procure vaccines breaks records. Bloomberg has made an analysis and an interactive map to monitor the vaccination process so far. Macedonia ranks 118th out of 122 countries. At the bottom of the bottom. 5th place, but from behind. Shame and misery!

When they read the analysis around the world they will think that we are a country in sub-Saharan Africa, closed and isolated from the world, not a country in the heart of Europe whose neighbor Serbia tops the same list with 2 million vaccinated and almost 30% of the population immunized.
Everybody are in front of us. Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, not to mention Croatia and Slovenia.
Zaev, Filipce, aren’t you ashamed when you read on Bloomberg, because of you our country is to laugh at. Macedonia is at the bottom in terms of the number of vaccinated, worse than us are only Egypt, Uganda, St. Helena and Equatorial Guinea.
Both Montenegro and Slovenia and Luxembourg and Malta and many other countries are either smaller than us or the same size, and already have tens or hundreds of thousands vaccinated.

There can be no vaccines for the whole world, but not only for us! It’s up to you! To Zaev and Filipce! And you bring to conscience all the sick and dead from January onwards, these are people who would not have gotten sick or died if you had gotten the vaccine on time. And you will be responsible for their trouble! You will be responsible for what made their life hell, says Mickoski on his Facebook profile.

On the other hand, while the number of new cases and deaths is increasing, the government does not even think of abandoning the census, which according to such figures is crazy to conduct at a time when not only there are no vaccines, but there is no serious statement from the Prime Minister Zaev and Minister Filipce for the possible arrival of vaccines in the near future.

With thousands infected and 20 dead, lack of free hospital facilities and poor pandemic management, it is more than clear that the introduction of curfew is not giving the desired result, and the government does not have an adequate plan to protect the health of citizens.