Milososki from Demir Hisar: Tobacco growers are dissatisfied with the government, as a parliamentary group we will put pressure on them to pay for their work and hardship

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Today I am giving a statement from the visit to Demir Hisar and Krushevo. The main topic of the meetings with the citizens is the catastrophic purchase of tobacco and we see that the tobacco producers are very dissatisfied.

First from the low purchase price and second from the declassification of tobacco according to some methodology of samples that do not correspond to the quality of the produced tobacco and third from seeing that in the country unfortunately some economic subjects close to the government import oriental tobacco which is direct competition and endangers the production of domestic tobacco, said today for the media, Antonio Milososki, member from VMRO-DPMNE.

He pointed out that as a political party they asked in December last year to discuss this issue in the parliament. Unfortunately, the ruling majority did not respond to such demands.

– Now the purchase has been extended until the end of March, but we see that the situation does not change and a large number of tobacco producers are left with unsold tobacco and from that they exist. We appreciate that this way and attitude of the government is not appropriate with the labor and time invested by tobacco growers in tobacco production, says Milososki.

“We as members will try again in the Assembly to raise this issue in public and with that create pressure on the authorities and companies to deliver what the tobacco producers deserve,” he added.