Filipce: People who got over Covid-19 can be vaccinated with a single dose

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People who have gotten over Covid-19 can be vaccinated with a single dose of the vaccine, according to expert recommendations.
This was stated today at a press conference by the Minister of Health Venko Filipce, answering a journalist question regarding the fact that the persons who got over Covid-19 are not in the immunization plan, with the explanation that they have antibodies.

Filipce mentioned that the plan is flexible and can be changed in accordance with the new recommendations and the availability of vaccines, as well as that the possibility for those people to receive a certificate is considered, as a guarantee that they have immunity, if they have to travel and fulfill their professional obligations. .

– We are waiting for the official decision by the European Commission, first whether such a certificate will be required, what will be the certificate, which will be valid everywhere in Europe, and then we are ready to make such certificates so that they can serve citizens, added Filipce.

The European Commission is due to adopt today a proposal to introduce a “digital health certificate” for EU citizens traveling within the Union, which would include information on whether a person has been vaccinated with a European-approved immune-coronavirus vaccine after recovering from Covid-19 or performing a PCR test.

The “health certificate”, as EC officials pointed out, is intended for citizens of EU countries, and when it comes to travelers from the Western Balkans and other parts of the world, the Commission will later discuss with the World Health Organization and the International Organization for civil flights on what facilities can be introduced and by applying what technical, interoperable and international standards.