In the middle of a pandemic, Ramiz Merko spent 27,500 euros on restaurants

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Ramiz Merko from the municipal budget of Struga spent 27,500 euros in 2020 for national teams, for eating in restaurants.
In the past three years, for 2018, 2019 and 2020, that amount is almost 78 thousand euros. The money was spent from the program “Mayor – for expenses and representation”, Alsat reported.

The opposition reacted to these expenses.
“Last year, in conditions when we had a state of emergency, when the catering facilities were operating with restrictions, 27,000 euros were spent. In that way, the citizen’s money was misused… At the last session, the mayor did not deny the fact that that money was spent for representation “, said Alen Dereban, councilor from VMRO DPMNE.
“Where and when did you eat lunches and dinners when we know we have been in isolation since March 11?” For a long time the restaurants were closed, when more than 4 people still can not gather and eat in a restaurant? “Where did you spend 27,500 euros for the national team?” Said Raimonda Mamudi, an adviser to the Alliance of Albanians.

And many citizens of Struga react to the high sums that are spent for such purposes.
“I think this is not good and I think the people need to think a little about who will vote in the next election.”
“It’s a bad thing. Once they have spent them, there is no responsibility.… For lunches, for dinners during a pandemic, it is a disaster.”
“I live very little here. I live in Slovenia. It’s not good to spend money from the people… ”
“This is a luxury. It is true that it is a luxury. For me as an economist – that’s a lot. It should have been shortened,” the citizens reacted.

Merko was not available to answer where and how this money was spent? We also sent a question electronically, but we did not receive an answer that way either. Otherwise, with the budget for this year, the majority of Merko provided money for the same purpose of approximately 50,000 euros.