The tourism sector demands payment of the promised salaries from the state

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The tourism sector is seeking financial assistance for the survival and liquidity of companies, as well as the payment of promised support for the February salaries.

According to the sector, even after a year, the drop in trade in travel agencies is 90 percent, tour guides are sitting at home, the buses are parked, and the hotels are empty.

With the closure of borders, the tightening of measures and the lack of vaccines, the sector fears the inability to work this summer season.
– The tourism sector demands payment of salaries promised for the month of February, and not yet passed at the Assembly, immediately. Assistance with payment of salaries to continue until it needs. If the help is not received, the employees in this activity will start working in other activities and then it will take years to bring this branch back to life. Many tourism workers, guides, employees in hotels and travel agencies are already starting to work in other positions, and the question is whether after five years they will return with the same enthusiasm and quality in tourism, the tourist workers said in a statement.
As it is added, whether the travel agencies will be closed depends on the hearing of the state institutions for continuous assistance.