MACEDONIA 7TH IN THE WORLD IN TERMS OF MORTALITY: The corona has been cutting everything in front of it for the past seven days, while the government does not do anything!

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According to the latest data on the website Statista, Macedonia is ranked seventh in mortality in the last 7 days (measured as of March 16, 2021).
In addition, Macedonia ranks 12th in the total number of coronavirus deaths per million inhabitants (1,603.1).
According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 1,258 tests were performed, and 284 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in: Skopje – 152, Kavadarci – 29, Prilep – 21, Kocani – 17, Stip – 10, Negotino – 7, Kumanovo and Ohrid – 6 each, Tetovo and Gevgelija – 5 each, Demir Kapija – 4, Gostivar and Strumica – 3 each, Veles, Struga, Sveti Nikole and Berovo – 2 each, Kicevo, Kriva Palanka, Debar, Delchevo, Probistip, Vinica, Valandovo and Kratovo – 1 each.

A total of 21 deceased persons were reported, aged 52-93, as follows: 8 patients from Skopje, Prilep and Ohrid – 2 deceased persons each and one deceased person from Kumanovo, Tetovo, Stip, Strumica, Struga, Kocani, Negotino , Gevgelija and Probistip. All patients died in hospital.

The total number of deaths is 3,340, and the number of active cases is 11,457. Despite such horrific numbers and the fact that the pandemic is in a new wave, the Government does not deviate from the idea of holding a Census in the middle of a pandemic, showing again that party agreements are more important to them than the health and lives of the people.
While these numbers are more than obvious that someone should finally be responsible, the SDSM-lead government is hardly moving a finger, sinking only into vaccine scandals.