VMRO-DPMNE: There are vaccines for everyone, but not for Macedonia, Filipce and Zaev are responsible for this!

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The number of deaths from the corona is moving towards 3,500, the number of newly infected is increasing every day, we are moving towards the third wave, everyone is vaccinated, but not Macedonia, say in the party statement from VMRO-DPMNE.
The inability of Filipce and Zaev to procure vaccines results in dead citizens, resulting in Macedonia being at the bottom of the world list of vaccinated persons.

According to Bloomberg, Macedonia is at 118th place out of 122 countries.
Macedonia is at the bottom!
In front of us are all the countries in the region.

Serbia ranks high on the list and is preparing for the production of the Russian vaccine.
Vaccines from the COVAX mechanism arrive in other countries, but not in Macedonia.
Kenya received one million vaccines, Rwanda 340,000 vaccines, Sudan 800,000, Gambia 36,000 vaccines, Senegal 324,000 vaccines. A few days ago, Moldova, which is not a NATO member, nor is it close to starting negotiations with the EU, received 21,000 vaccines from the EU.
Filipce and Zaev say there were no vaccines in the world, so there are none in Macedonia?!

Who are they lying to? They may not have the desired quantities, but there are vaccines for all those who are interested in getting them and have done so on time.
“There must be responsibility for such behavior,” stands in the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.