Is there a curfew from 5pm to 5am for the weekend?

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A curfew from 5 pm to 5 am, the next day from Friday to Monday is one of the possible restrictive measures planned for the country for the end of the current week or weekend. There was even thought of a complete “lockdown” during the two days of the weekend, but that option is now unlikely, claims a source of Factor who confirms that on the other hand, the tightening of restrictions is certain, writes the portal

The Ministry of Health confirms that it is possible that a weekend will follow in which there will be more restrictive protection measures, but that no such decision has been made yet. Whether there will be will depend on the number of patients and hospitalizations in the days until Friday.

Members of the Infectious Diseases Commission told Factor that there were no announcements of new meetings, and unofficially claimed that their role in the recent period was insignificant because the decisions were not discussed at the level of when the Covid-19 epidemic began.

The decision to tighten the measures could be made due to the increased number of family gatherings, but mostly due to the filling of cafes and restaurants, especially on weekends.