Macedonia lost from the EU cake worth 530 million euros because Zaev and the Government did not apply

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The Republic of Macedonia is the only country in the region, but also in Europe, that has not received single euro, money assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund in dealing with the corona pandemic.

Namely, initially a letter was sent, but then, as they say from the EC, the state did not send a final application.

– The Republic of Macedonia was right and they initially addressed the services of the Commission with a preliminary letter stating their intention to apply, but finally did not submit an official application by the deadline of June 24, say the EC for TV21.

In a time of pandemic, when all countries in the world are trying in every way to provide both vaccines and funds, and especially when it comes to grants, the Macedonian Government has not applied for this solidarity fund from the EU. It is the only country that did not use a single euro out of a total of 530m euros from fund to fight the coronavirus.