Filipche and Zaev without answer for the phantom company

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Two days after the scandal published by the Italian newspaper, “La Verita” for the procurement of Chinese vaccines “Sinofarm” that Macedonia tried to make, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Health Venko Filipche without answer.

The newspaper reported that the Chinese company returned the advance due to irregular route of procurement of the vaccine, i.e. due to the introduction of phantom company. Earlier, the Macedonian authorities explained that the advance was returned due to the harmonization of the documentation.

“La Verita reported on Wednesday that there was evidence of contacts between Macedonia and Beijing, which left the deal fearing fraud.” The daily says that Zaev was initially rejected by Beijing because he went through an intermediary company that was phantom company with unstable foundations in Hong Kong.

The next day, La Verita published letters from Minister Filipche addressed to the Chinese company Sinofarm.

Filipche’s letter sent to Sinofarm on January 25 states that he exempts the company, i.e. China, from any responsibility for possible negative consequences from the use of the vaccine. This, according to La Verita, is contrary to many international conventions and is a violation of the basic institutional mission, which is to protect the health of its citizens.

We tried on a regular basis, but failed. We tried an alternative way and signed a vaccine contract. However, the Chinese authorities have suggested that we return to normalcy.

This is how Filipche’s answer sounded yesterday, who tried to explain what has happened with the procurement of Chinese vaccines and why they are still missing.

“After the initial attempts to make direct contact with the factory, we failed,” the minister explained.

The President of the country Stevo Pendarovski yesterday in the show ”Click Plus” on TV21 said that the information of the Italian “La Verita” about vaccines, where they reported on the scandal of Minister Venko Filipche for the supply of Chinese vaccines should be checked fully.