Black day for the government: Mega scandals in one day!

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The day began with the publication of a new vaccine supply scandal by the Italian newspaper “La Verita”, according to which the Government in two letters to the Chinese Sinofarm from December 25, 2020 and January 25 this year asked to procure Chinese vaccines, seemingly, they should have gotten to the point where Beijing decided to give us back the advance.

The reason for this, according to the Italian newspaper, is the deal that was to take place through a “phantom company” based in Hong Kong, which is stated in the official letters sent by the Minister of Health Venko Filipce. The company through which the procurement was to be made, although it had sufficient funds deposited in the German Deutsche Bank, did not have sufficient solid foundations for the deal to be done with the Chinese authorities and according to “La Verita” it contributed to the annulment of the procedure for procurement of Chinese vaccines with Macedonia.

Additionally, another potential scandal was revealed today, where the Minister of Anti-Corruption Ljupcho Nikolovski is mentioned, and it is related to the suspicion of illegal import of foreign tobacco. According to the suspicions, last year five trucks of tobacco were imported from the company “Studenac Sped” which is owned by Dimce Trojanovski who is a business partner of the mayor of Kriva Palanka Borjanco Micevski who according to the opposition are two people close to Ljupco Nikolovski.

Several questions shows up here, where did the five trucks of tobacco from abroad end up and does the company “Studenac Sped” have a license to work with tobacco as an excisable goods, as well as whether this import of tobacco was done by a company that was not allowed to import it at all?

Another scandalous behavior today from the Ministry of Health is the video published by Ljupco Palevski which shows the Minister of Health Venko Filipce “operating” in the operating room on the phone, without gloves, mask and suit during a serious pandemic.

Let us recall that Filipce dedicated a large part of his ministry in the campaign and expensive PR for the citizens to respect the measures against the coronavirus, while he operated without any protective equipment, and this is a violation of the recommendations he made, but also medical principles. Another scandal in the series is the case that was announced yesterday for the procurement made by the former Secretary General of the Government, Dragi Rashkovski.

Rashkovski, following the accusations by the opposition, from November 2019 to February 2020, conducted a procedure for procurement of software for traffic violations, for a system for automatic generation of fines for traffic violations, which never reached the Ministry of Interior. Rashkovski procured the software for the services in the Ministry of Interior, but according to previous information such a system has never been used or implemented, but according to the allegations instead of the Ministry of Interior he procured the software for which he is an innovator with a patented solution from 2018. Let us remind that this is not the first scandal with the former Secretary General of the Government, it is preceded by the “Leonardo” scandal, which case still has not been resolved by the competent institutions.

What is a lot, is a lot and in the end today we put the report for over 20% increase in the number of patients compared to the previous week and the beginning of the illogical curfew which was the target of many reactions from the public, the citizens will conclude that this is a really black day for the government, and it is badly written to Prime Minister Zaev who barely gained confidence in the Parliament, which is now dysfunctional again.

Scandal after scandal marks this day, a series of suspicions and potential corrupt practices, as well as unprincipled behavior of government officials mark everyday life, how many scandals the citizens will survive with this government, when it struggles to survive the coronary crisis and high mortality just a cover for everything that makes the disorganized, corrupt and government incapable of procuring either vaccines or adequate health care for its citizens.

The scandals only follow, the competent institutions have no answer, and the excuses that come from the government are discounts to convince the people that this is not the most unsuccessful government in the history of Macedonia.