Stoilkovski: Instead of purchasing vaccines, they thought on crime, China rejected Zaev because they went through phantom company

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VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski today, answering journalist question related to the information published in the Italian newspaper “La Verita” about the procurement of vaccines, said that instead of procuring vaccines, the Government thought on crime.

– La Verita states exactly what the problem is, why the advance for vaccines was returned from China. For the procurement of vaccines from China, phantom company was selected from Hong Kong, that company was also mentioned in the letters sent by Venko Filipche. That is why China is returning the advance. That is why Macedonia still does not have vaccines! This is another big international scandal. This is another international sinking of Macedonia in crime and high corruption! People are dying every day; they have chosen a phantom company to supply vaccines from China! Instead of vaccines, think of profit through phantom companies! Only one word describes this – INHUMANITY, stressed Stoilkovski.