Is this person even aware what he is doing? – VMRO-DPMNE responds to Zaev’s statement about contacting the British secret service to ask for vaccines

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Following Zoran Zaev’s shocking statement that he reached out to British intelligence services for help in providing vaccines to Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE asked whether this is another of Zaev’s verbal gaffe or if it is a lie.

-We have no vaccines coming, and Zaev is going on a TV interview to say that he is in contact with secret service agents? Is this person even aware what he is doing?, the opposition party asked.

So far Macedonia has received only 8,000 Pfizer doses as donation from Serbia and 3,000 Sputnik V doses from Russia (with love). The country is suffering through a strong new wave of the epidemic, based on the so-called British strain.

In an interview with Sitel TV, Zaev said that former British diplomats in Macedonia are now involved in British intelligence and that he reached out to them asking for help to get the Astra Zeneca vaccines. Western manufacturers shunned Macedonia, and after losing valuable time going after them, the Zaev regime was forced to ask for Chinese and Russian vaccines.