SDSM and DUI give up on their idea to introduce online voting to disguise their slim majority in Parliament

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The ruling parties withdrew their proposal to change the rules of the Parliament and introduce online voting.

The move was designed by SDSM, DUI and other parties from Zaev’s coalition as a way to disguise their narrow majority in Parliament – with only 62 votes they are practically unable to convene a session of Parliament since at any time some member of the coalition is either sick, abroad or otherwise engaged. Under the Constitution, it takes 61 members of Parliament present to convene a session and the opposition provides these votes only when the issues on the agenda are of vital importance.

Speaker Talat Xhaferi today convened the coordinators from all major parties, including the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and Alliance of Albanians, to inform them that the proposal for online sessions is withdrawn. The opposition coordinators boycotted such coordination meetings with the Speaker while the proposal was on the Parliament’s agenda. The two sides will also make an attempt to hold several sessions of the Parliament, including on the opposition’s proposal for votes of no confidence in the ministers Bojan Maricic, Ljupco Nikolovski (due to the high levels of corruption in the country) and Oliver Spasovski (Albanian opposition parties want him removed for the police response to the violent Albanian protests two weeks ago).