Epidemiological situation worsens, and the Government conducts a census with over 25.000 enumerators in the homes

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While the Government led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is playing Byzantine games in the Macedonian Parliament, and the country has not yet procured single vaccine, about 25.000 enumerators will visit homes across Macedonia, further putting citizens at risk for their own health.
Zaev and the Government led by SDSM endanger the health of the citizens while every day we have huge number of new patients, only during yesterday over 800 the government will send about 30 thousand enumerators to their homes.
In that context, MP Timcho Mucunski regarding the census said that census is necessary for Macedonia, but that there is still time and opportunity to postpone it for some time when the epidemiological situation will improve and when health of the citizens can be guaranteed.
Mucunski stressed that the primary reason why he believes that the census should be postponed to next year is primarily the epidemiological situation and care for the health of citizens.