If not this March, the vaccines will arrive in Macedonia next December

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The long-awaited coronavirus vaccines in Macedonia have become historic. Filipche and Zaev announced that we will receive vaccines at the end of December last year, then the beginning of January, and then we waited for the Chinese New Year to pass; now we are waiting for the Women’s Day to pass on March 8.
The latest from the Prime Minister is that in the next two months, we will have received a larger shipment of vaccines, but he did not say how big the shipment is. It remains to be seen whether the transport of that large shipment will be done by air or by Audi A3.
Israel is on the verge of vaccinating the entire population, Serbia distributes donations, the EU introduces COVID passports, and Macedonia does cheerful math.
To make matters even more tragic, a few days ago, China returned the advance for the ordered vaccines, and as an excuse from the Government, we received that they could not have told us that it was returned. The Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska said this and she did not receive any sanctions from her boss, Zoran Zaev.
Many gaffes and lies from the Government ignited the alarm, so yesterday Zaev asked for a vote of confidence in the Government from nowhere. We have to admit great PR move. However, we must admit that due to incompetence Macedonia does not have vaccines, the number of patients is growing, the people live in panic, for themselves and for the lives of their loved ones, and they promised us “Life for all”.
If until December last year, Venko Filipche raised the rating of SDSM, from December onwards the same Filipche is destroying it.
If you received the trust of 62 MPs yesterday, it does not mean that you are doing a good job, we know how you got it. The essence of this whole situation is when we will stop politically arguing over who has how much support, and we will start building a state as befits us.
With such policies and political tricks, young people will not return to Macedonia, on the contrary, more will emigrate, salaries will not increase, there will be less and less work, and our life will be more and more difficult.
Showing muscle is not the way to build a state. There are many examples around the world of how countries in a dead end today are countries from which the world is learning.
The overall unification of the people living in this country is the starting point, and further YOU KNOW.