Selmani: Quarantine is the least that can be done for people returning from trips

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The new strains of the virus have shattered expectations that the virus will disappear by summer, former Health Minister Imer Selmani, told TV24’s “Studio 10” this morning.

Authorities should be especially wary of potentially high-risk countries. The numbers so far in our country are relatively stable and we should maintain this. Obviously many powerful economies are failing to cope with the new strains. Awareness needs to be raised to a higher level, a dozen countries cannot be expected to get vaccinated, and others when the time comes, then. I am in favor of restrictive measures, especially for people traveling to high-risk countries. Health is paramount, but the economy needs a very smart balance. We cannot have lockdown, but we must be careful with travel and people who travel, they should be monitored and quarantine is the least that can be done, says Selmani.