Filipce and the HIFM with a new robbery of the citizens, clexane it is almost nowhere to be found, but the price has increased

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The medicine in the pharmacies can be found very rarely, despite the appeals of the citizens that it is necessary, but it is either not there or it is difficult to find. Although it is not available in pharmacies, the price of the medicine has increased.
The medicine that used to cost around 180 denars now costs 270 denars. But what is worrying is that the price of the medicine that is refunded by the HIF remains the same, it is around 100 denars.
The robbery of the Minister of Health Venko Filipce and the HIF is obvious. Despite the pandemic, when medicines are most needed, prices go up and there are no stocks. And the consumption and need for clexane does not decrease.
The Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, in a statement for the media in December, commented that the consumption and the need for clexane is expected and that there will be for all citizens who need the medicine.
“Consumption of clexane has increased everywhere. Therefore, the company reserved larger quantities and they were distributed to all hospital facilities. Meanwhile, another form of heparin was given where needed. “So there is no crisis in terms of shortage, but increased consumption,” said Filipce.
“Instead of answering why the famous clexane is not there, and the citizens are begging at every door for medicine, because it is difficult, almost impossible to procure the medicine, Filipce says that it is available in sufficient quantities. And again, according to his logic, the citizens are lying, and he is sinless! Now his inability results in the citizens finding a cure on the black market. “Instead of Filipce reorganizing the health system at the beginning of the year in terms of having space conditions, medicines and human resources, he left things to be resolved on their own.” VMRO-DPMNE said in a statement.