The epidemiological situation is deteriorating, and there are no new measures or vaccines in Macedonia

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The epidemiological situation is deteriorating day by day, which shows the number of active cases that in the last three weeks has increased by over 2.,000 or over 40%, and the number of patients who need hospitalization on a daily basis has reached the level which was at its peak two months ago.

In such a situation when it is necessarily better to manage the situation so that it does not escalate, the Commission for Infectious Diseases on Monday canceled the regular meeting held every Monday to review the state of the health crisis and decide on future measures and steps with the goal of keeping the pandemic under control.

The reasons for the postponement of this meeting are not clear, and it has not been held yet.

The situation is not so bad in Serbia, where although this form of the virus has been present since December, it is still present in 30% of newly infected people, which is far better than in Macedonia, where this form is present in 70% of newly infected people, but despite that in Serbia. The situation is better, and the immunization of the population is ongoing, however, the local medical professionals and the Crisis Staff are demanding the closure of everything except pharmacies, shops, and gas stations.

In Macedonia, although the situation is many times worse in every aspect, no protection measures have been adopted yet. The worst thing in the whole situation is that the Government is not able to procure vaccines, and such a delay costs human lives.

All announcements by the authorities on the arrival of the vaccines have so far proved to be inaccurate. 200 thousand doses from the Chinese manufacturer “Sinofarm” were supposed to arrive in the country by the end of February. However, the Ministry of Health announced that the advance payment for the purchase of the same was withdrawn at the request of the Chinese side due to harmonization of documentation, and currently, it is not known when the first shipment of vaccines would arrive.