A new hearing for “International Alliance” – Boki 13 demands the removal of Ruskoska

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Bojan Jovanovski, known as Boki-13, first accused in the “International Alliance” affair or known to the public as “Reket-2”, said at today’s trial that prosecutor Ruskovska behaved tendentiously, unprofessionally and humiliatingly because she did not appear at the trial, and asked its exclusion.

– I am asking the state public prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski to determine who is the representative of this accusation, which in my opinion persists on thin ice and without evidence. Ruskoska thought that it was enough to file the indictment, and then send her deputies who are not familiar with the case, they show ignorance of the matter, so I think that Joveski should remove Ruskoska and appoint a new prosecutor to know who represents this subject, said Jovanovski.

Bojan Jovanovski is accused of fraud and making dirty money. Remenski, Mandic and Blazevska are also accused of aiding and abetting the fraud. The charges include aiding and abetting the second crime, money laundering: Mandic, Blazevska and Mile Jovanovski, who are also charged with unauthorized manufacture, possession, brokering and trafficking in weapons because a search of his home turned up three semi-automatic pistols and ammunition for which he did not have a license.