“Zaev and Nikolovski can not fight corruption, they are a source of corruption”

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Zaev and Nikolovski can not fight corruption, because they are a source of corruption. There is no criminal affair that does not mention Zaev or any of his close associates. Zaev and Nikolovski are prime minister and minister in the most corrupt government in Europe according to Transparency International and a hybrid regime according to The Economist. They are the reason for the sinking of Macedonia. SDSM promised justice, and ended with reforms such as the procurement of computers and websites, was written in the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

– Instead of a substantial struggle, everything was reduced to empty press conferences. The government did not say how far came the case Reket and the bag of money, which according to Bojan Jovanovski, who was carrying it, said that it ended up with Zoran and Vice Zaevi. There is no procedure for Den Donchev either, who we saw putting money in a bag and racketeering companies. Zaev thinks that with his resignation he saved both him and himself, and he forgets that one day both of them will answer. There is no case for the crime of half a billion euros, which happened with the collapse of Eurostandard Bank and the issuance of a stamp for SHIK JELAK, say the party.

– Zaev removed Rashkovski from a key position and thinks that he saved him and himself. There will be responsibility. Both Leonardo and Sar Hems. There will be investigations and solutions for the Strumica trucks in REK, and for the million procurements in the healthcare, and the local tenders like the corruption of Filipce who signs a procurement decision higher by 15 million than the initially offered.
It’s creator – Zaev and Ljupco Nikolovski, whose company takes illegal cash, can not fight against all this corruption.
There will be responsibility for all the above-mentioned affairs and crimes and for Zaev and Nikolovski, point out VMRO-DPMNE.