Zaev chased out the young people from the country, over 40% of the higher education staff went abroad

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The outflow of highly educated people in Macedonia is becoming a serious problem. The departure of highly educated citizens abroad results in a lack of educated and qualified staff in companies in the country.
In 2010, according to World Bank estimates, 29.1% of highly educated people in the country left to live or work abroad. Nine years later, the situation has deteriorated dramatically.

“According to the latest data and the analysis published in 2019, the rate of highly educated staff living and working abroad is particularly high and is almost 40% or more than one third of the highly educated staff,” notes the analysis “Government planning – effectiveness of government measures for dealing with work market risks and the manner of planning the means for overcoming them ”of the state auditors.
The Ministry of Interior has registered 5,000 new people who have registered abroad – or left Macedonia. According to the State Statistical Office, however, in just one year the number of displaced citizens with higher education has increased more than four times, the number is increasing dramatically.

Before becoming Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev promised that he would return all emigrants from Macedonia to the country, and would keep the others. But he did not keep the citizens at home, and did not return the other emigrants.
The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at an event on December 4, 2016 in front of the citizens said – “Here in this Plan for life in Macedonia are contained all your plans for your lives. Because we wrote the Plan together. Because we set this plan together on science, history and facts. Because we took the best of the world to bring the world to Macedonia. “For the children to come back to us from abroad, for us to see our life, our good life, here.”

“I am sure such a time is coming. The only right way we can hope to fix these bitterness figures is through integration. We will either go to Europe collectively or they will continue to leave for us individually in Europe. That is why we need to continue with responsible policies that will motivate young people to stay. “And the next thing is for them to start returning,” said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on November 28, 2019, giving examples from other EU member states, such as Latvia, the Visegrad group countries, where young people began to return after more than a decade when favorable economic and social conditions were created.

“Since SDSM is in power, the number of emigrants from the country is increasing every day. Citizens are emigrating because in Macedonia under Zaev’s rule the economy is getting worse. Zoran Zaev spent several years of his term dismantling the state, socially, economically, safety, and financially, instead of returning the emigrants as he had promised. “Zoran Zaev and SDSM are not capable of doing anything good,” VMRO-DPMNE said in a statement.