The government without opposition can’t gather 61 MPs to start a session, let alone pass a law

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The coordinators of the parliamentary groups had a meeting in the Parliament today. The main topic was the blocked Parliament, which is not able not to hold a session. The reason for this is the ruling majority, which faces many divisions and regroups.

First, the LDP MPs announced that they would act independently and after that Pavle Trajanov from the Democratic Union did the same.

Although these two parties have so far promised to support the government, it is never known, especially after the aftermath of two of the many debacles such as Mijalkov’s escape and inability to procure vaccines.

Moreover, there is great dissatisfaction in the ranks of DUI that are close to Blerim Bexheti and Izet Medziti. The two MPs do not come to the sessions and demand the removal of Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi.

In such conditions, the Parliament cannot gather 61 MPs to start a session. Passing a law is not even considered for the time being.