Police will try to prevent protesters from arriving in Court

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Members of the Ministry of Interior will try to prevent the protesters who are protesting against the fabricated court cases from appearing in front of the court.
Namely, the members of the Ministry of Interior are more trustworthy on the boulevard near TC Mavrovka, in order to prevent them from reaching the court.
The protest started from the park in Chair, and the protesters will continue in front of the court and then in front of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The streets: “Hristijan Todorovski-Karposh”, “John Kennedy”, “Cvetan Dimov”, “Krste Misirkov” and “Goce Delchev” boulevards, “11-ti Oktomvri” and “Vasil Glavinov” streets will be closed for traffic from 1 pm , “VMRO” and “Ilinden” boulevards and other surrounding roads. The streets will be closed to traffic until the end of the protest.