DUI gets its own Government building

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After taking over the luxury new building meant for the Anti-Corruption Agency, the DUI party is now concentrating on several other institutions under the same roof.

The neoclassical building near the Foreign Ministry was made as part of the Skopje 2014 urban renewal project. Originally meant for the Anti-Corruption Commission and several other anti-corruption institutions, it was eventually given to First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, as the seat of his greatly expanded new department for advancing Albanian interests. The first order of business for Grubi was to hold a birthday party for DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in the office – without masks – which led to public outcry and a small fine.

Now several other institutions that are led by DUI officials are also being accommodated in the same building, turning it into a de-facto DUI office within the Government. These include the cultural center for Albanian dances and folk songs, the agency for the use of the Albanian language, and the inspection service that will ensure the use of the Albanian language. These two institutions operate under the controversial bilingualism law, that demands the use of the Albanian language across the whole of Macedonia, regardless of actual public need.