Instead of helping patients forced to sit at home: Nurses are waiting for two months to have their contracts extended

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Nurses from the Bitola Health Centre, employed on a contract basis through a direct call from the Ministry of Health who started working in November 2019, no longer work even though the coronavirus pandemic is still on and patients need help.

Namely, for a month and a half, they have been sitting at home, without work, and waiting for a new agreement as an extension of the employment contracts.

Instead of helping fellow health professionals and being where patients need them most, nurses seek solutions to their problems. However, the authorities did not show any interest.

As KURIR, the Health Centre in Bitola did not have any response to the request, and they received telephone answer from the Ministry of Health that their contracts would be extended. That has not happened yet.

The Ministry of Health, on the other hand, says that the Ministry of Finance needs consent for the extension of the contracts for 2021 for this medical personnel.

– We are looking for the Minister of Health Venko Filipche in the shortest possible time to arrange the whole procedure around the contracts for us, the nurses who worked during the pandemic, and now we are released home and waiting for an agreement that cannot be settled for two months, the medical nurses in the statement for the KURIR.