With the vaccine I’ll be more protected than those who will not get it, said Dr. Naunova-Jovanovska, who was first to get the Covid-19 shot in Macedonia

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Dr. Dobrinka Naunova Jovanovska, infectious disease specialist, and Gabriela Temelkovska, head nurse of the Infectious Diseases Clinic are the first healthcare workers to get the Covid-19 shot.

It is painless and I feel great. I recommend the vaccine to everyone so that we can achieve immunization all over the country. Everyone should get the vaccine by their own choice, Pfizer, or some other type of vaccine. This is the only way to protect ourselves from this type of infection that the whole world is fighting against, said Dr. Naunova-Jovanovska, one of the main doctors at the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

She said that in 21 days she will get the second dose of the vaccine and that the immunity is achieved in two to three weeks.

With the vaccine, I will be more protected than those who will not receive the vaccine. It will be a great assurance to me that I have received the vaccine and will probably be more protected than those who have not. It is the individual who will develop how many antibodies and what kind of immunity. Mainly 95% is the protective power of this vaccine and I hope that I will be in those 95% protected and that gives me security for the future, said Dr. Naunova Jovanovska.

Head nurse Temelkovska said that she invites everyone to apply for vaccination, and added that from now on the medical staff will feel safer, that the numbers of new patients will decrease and that we will start returning to normal life.