Zaev finds Boki 13’s challenge for SDSM party leader to be “satire”

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Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the nomination of showman Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 as leader of his SDSM party is “satire” and announced that Boki will not be allowed to challenge him.

SDSM members are supposed to vote for a leader in open elections in late March. Boki 13 was a confidant of Zaev and strongly supported his Colored Revolution, all until 2019 when it was revealed that he is using his SDSM party links and friendship with another Zaev confidant, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, to extort millions from businessmen. At the end of the Racket trial, Boki 13 announced that Zaev himself was at the top of the pyramid and now wants to challenge him for the party leadership to bring the public’s attention to the scandal.

He needs to confirm he was an SDSM party member for the past five years, and to re-confirm his membership. It is all satire, a little laugh at the end of the of the week. Bojan Jovanovski is who he is, we all know him, I’m sorry that some people fell for his character but the trial confirmed that we have rule of law and that politicians can report this case and everybody will bear responsibility, Zaev said.

The prosecutors made sure not to investigate Zaev for his role in the scandal. He claims that as soon as he heard from businessmen that Boki 13 and Janeva are extorting them, he reported it, even though wealth of evidence showed that Zaev in fact warned Boki 13 about the investigation.