Lies that he would declared a state of war derived from the text of the current Deputy Minister – Ivanov testified on “April 27”

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At today’s hearing by the judge for “April 27”” testified the former President of Macedonia, Gorgi Ivanov.
He pointed out that what was connected with the lags since he had declared a state of war stemmed from a text published in a Sunday, a few days earlier.
– There were untruths and speculations that were then transmitted and commented on. The whole text is nebulous, because the Constitution is clear. As a state, we have strictly defined mechanisms for preventing the abuse of military power. It is a school example of a psychological war, for someone to take over something, and the blame to fall on the president and the Army, said Ivanov.
Otherwise, the author of the text that Ivanov mentions is Zoran Dimitrovski, a former Focus journalist, who is now Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government as proposal from Pavle Trajanov’s Democratic Party, who has been offended in recent days to give some patriotic thread since together with the other members and Dimitrovski participated in the installation of the Northern and the hybrid regime through such constructions. Dimitrovski was sent on February 4 to lay flowers at Goce Delchev’s grave on the occasion of his birthday.