Boki 13 confirms he’s running for leader of SDSM

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Showman and convicted racketeer Bojan Jovnaovski – Boki 13 confirmed that he is running for leader of SDSM.

The ruling party of Boki 13’s onetime close friend and associate Zoran Zaev plans to hold an open election for its new leader. Boki 13 was sentenced to seven years in prison in the huge Racket scandal, and at its end he announced that Zaev was at the top of the extortion pyramid, but the prosecutors do not dare investigate the Prime Minister.

Let’s see what will happen, Boki 13 said today when asked by the press about his nomination.

Even if it ends up merely as a stunt, Boki 13’s nomination is bound to cause waves in SDSM in the next month, until the vote planned for late March.