Boki 13 will run for president of SDSM at the congress to be held next month

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Bojan Jovanovski known as Boki-13 will run for president of SDSM at the upcoming Congress to be held on March 21, Plusinfo has learned unofficially.

As it is speculated, the motto of the campaign that will be led by Boki-13 for the future leaders of SDSM is “Decriminalization of SDSM”.

The current leadership of SDSM decided to hold a congress on March 21, at which a direct vote will be taken for a new leader and his associates. As part of preparations for the congress, the Social Democrats began the process of updating their membership.

Boki-13 was sentenced to 9 years in prison in the “Racket” case. He was released under house arrest due to health problems.