Mucunski: Macedonia has only stagnation and regression; it worsens our positions with every international partner

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Macedonia has Government of excuses. This is Government that knows very well how to transfer responsibility, but at the same time, this is Government that for 4 years has obligation to create progress, prosperity and development. They fail. They fail primarily from the point of view of the citizens, they fail from the point of view of the opposition, but obviously, they also fail in the perception of the objective international public. In that sense, they should reconsider their behaviour, they should think about their capacity to govern.

This was stated by Timcho Mucunski, MP and Secretary for International Cooperation of VMRO DPMNE, in interview with KURIR.

He points out that most of the European Union member states have their own ambassadors in the Republic of Macedonia. These are people who see all the shortcomings and are witnesses that there is no progress.

– Corruption is increasing, the economy is weakened, not only do we not have reforms in education, but we also have announcements for reforms that will create additional chaos in the educational process. The member states see it all, record it and it is obvious that this is a country that is not Europeanized as it was announced, we have an obvious de-Europeanization of Macedonia. We have stagnation, we have setbacks, and that worsens our positions in contact with any international partner who wants Macedonia to become an EU member as soon as possible. “But results must be delivered, you must show that if you became a member, you would be a credible and stable partner in that alliance,” Mucunski said.