The contract for Chinese vaccines is being signed today, it is not known when they will come

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The contract for the supply of 200 thousand vaccines for Covid-19 from China should be signed today and it is expected that after the signing in the shortest time they will arrive in the country, although for now there is no more detailed information when they will arrive.

According to the Ministry of Health, with the arrival of the Chinese vaccines, the immunization process will begin, through which 100 thousand citizens will be covered. The national immunization plan has already been adapted. Vaccination will be carried out through the existing health network and vaccination points.

Two thousand to 2,500 citizens are expected to be vaccinated daily. For every citizen who will receive the first dose will be reserved immediately and the second that should be received after 21 days.

In addition to the Chinese vaccines, as the authorities claim, the country has provided 800 thousand vaccines from the KOVAX system and the same number is being discussed with the company “Pfizer”, but the date of arrival is not known. According to the Minister of Health Venko Filipce, the first amount of vaccines is quite enough for a vaccination process that will last four to six, seven weeks.

According to the plan, all persons from the highest risk group are vaccinated, which is divided into two groups – in the first are the health workers who work in Covid centers with Covid patients, in the second are all citizens over 70 years.

In the second phase, people over 65, people aged 18 to 64 with comorbidities or high-risk health conditions, health professionals from the Institute of Public Health and the Centers for Public Health, pharmacists, dentists and other health personnel, employed in other vital institutions, critical infrastructure and journalists, employees of educational institutions and kindergartens.

In the third phase, the remaining persons from several groups of other important activities such as food, transport, drug production, communal hygiene, banking sector, agriculture, other employees in health education with low risk of infection, persons who can not maintain physical distance and finally all citizens wishing to receive the vaccine at the age of 18 to 64 years.

This week, the website will be published, which will be of informative nature and will contain the section for application, ie for expressing interest for vaccination. Once the website is available, applications can start immediately. The registration will take place by entering the personal data, the citizens will be identified and will receive an answer to the e-mail that they will leave that their application has been received and can expect a call from a family doctor for the appointment when the vaccination will be scheduled, respectively belong, defined in the National Plan.