SDSM: All citizens and political parties to contribute to the census

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The Law on Census adopted by the parliamentary majority led by SDSM guarantees the implementation of this statistical operation in line with all international practices and standards by the State Statistical Office, which has the capacity and readiness to conduct a successful census after 19 years, said SDSM.

The party adds that the successfully conducted census will bring accurate, complete data on the demographic, social, educational, religious, and national structure of the population and will provide relevant data and guidance on how the economy, education, social policy, child protection should move.

With a successfully conducted census, we will accurately map the needs of the regions and local self-government units, which will receive relevant and accurate information, on which they will base the local and regional development. In order to carry out this extensive statistical operation, it is necessary for each individual, each political party, to contribute to the realization of this operation important for the development of the country, reads SDSM’s press release.