Mickoski and Nikoloski meet with top Fidesz officials in Budapest to discuss Macedonia’s stalled EU integration

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During their visit to Budapest, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski and Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski met with Fidesz officials Zsolt Nemeth and Gabor Domos. It’s the second day of their visit to Budapest during which Mickoski and Nikoloski met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, to discuss Macedonia’s stalled EU integration prospects.

The citizens of Macedonia have been waiting too long to see meaningful progress on the path to the EU. This, coupled with the notable lack of reforms, poor living standards and the denial of justice, is now made more difficult with the Bulgarian veto. Another significant problem is the high level of corruption that is left unpunished, Mickoski said during the meeting with Nemeth, who is one of the founders of the Fidesz party and leads the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Hungarian Parliament.

The Macedonian opposition leader noted the long list of abuses perpetrated by the Government in Macedonia, including the use of a procedure meant to facilitate adoption of laws important for Macedonia’s EU integration to rush through a census without the needed safeguards that will ensure accuracy.