Behind Shilegov’s project for the demolition of the terraces on the Quay, is there a business interest for the multi-storey garage at Telekom?

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The Mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov with a plan to have a street instead of a promenade on the Quay.

According to this plan, the terraces of the restaurants on the Quay should be demolished, and vehicles should pass on the street that would open there, which will make this part completely unsafe.

There is room for doubt that these are business interests worth “heavy” millions. Otherwise, what else would be the reason to consciously make such a mess on the Quay?

The multi-storey garage at Telekom is located nearby, and it is said that the goal is to make a new shopping center in the large parking lot. This project would bring a large amount of money. Thus, Shilegov’s project to demolish the terraces of the Quay will bring a nursery of money.

If a street is built on the place of the current promenade, where cars and other vehicles will drive, all passers-by are put at risk. There are children on this promenade all the time, so it will take some time for a tragedy to occur when there is traffic in the same location.

Squares and promenades are made of streets all over the world, only here a street is built on the most beautiful city quay.

The authorities hide this idea behind the excuse that they want to bring order, but this is totally the wrong way. Order can be introduced by closing the passages, with guards. This part needs to be renovated and be an even nicer place to walk.

Mayor Shilegov told Sitel that the plans are for the removal of the middle terraces to start in February and for the reconstruction to be completed in May. He claims that the goal is for the quay “November 13” to get a completely new look with a pedestrian zone and to solve the chaos that has been a problem for Skopje residents for many years.

About 10 restaurants work on this quay, and from there they receive a salary and about 500 families survive. Thousands of tourists enjoy the walks in this location.

Many questions remain open: Will this part be performed by the same company as part of the square? How long has he been performing and how much and whose business interest is that? The square has been in dust and chaos for almost two years, how long it will be like this on Kay, remains to be seen.