Never mind the sprinklers, the Strumica mall didn’t even have functioning water hydrants

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TV Vis from Strumica reports that the Global shopping mall did not have operational water hydrants that could’ve helped the firemen save some of the dozens of stores that were burnt in yesterday’s inferno.

The mall, whose construction was notorious as part of Zoran Zaev’s early, 2008 corruption scandal, for which he received a presidential pardon, did not have a functioning sprinkler system. But the firemen expected that at least the hydrant will work. No such luck.

None of the hydrants had water. It’s the same thing with hydrants across the city. And the equipment is not compatible making them useless even if they did work, TV Vis reported.

There were no casualties in the fire, but the material damage is huge. Zaev visited the site today and called for donations to the affected store owners.