Nikoloski: The authorities are so incompetent that until now they didn’t know that with the current law they can’t procure vaccines

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The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski, accused the government on Alpha TV’s “Zaspij ako mozes” show of its incompetence to procure vaccines and to start the immunization of the population as soon as possible.

How can Vucic say that there is no price for vaccines, while these here [the authorities] do nothing. They need to go begging companies. They are so incompetent that they did not know that with the current law they cannot even procure vaccines and now they says they cannot but does not say a solution. Zaev knows how to pass a law like this one for GAMA and to block the Parliament, but he does not know how to pass amendments to the law to buy vaccines, Nikoloski concluded and added that “Zaev’s incompetence is measured by lost human lives.”