Milososki: VMRO will block the proposal to allow dual citizens to become ambassadors

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VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki announced that the party will block the proposal to allow dual citizens to be appointed as ambassadors. Milososki said that this idea, put forward by the Zaev regime, is impossible under the law, as foreign citizens can’t be given certificates to access state secrets.

We will block this proposal, it is a bad idea and we will submit 300 amendments to the law, Milososki said.

He said that the process is driven by the needs of Zaev’s coalition partners who want to place cronies as ambassadors abroad. Besides, the law on state secrets does not allow issuing certificates to dual citizens, and being named an ambassador requires such certificate. “Diplomacy is a sensitive area where loyalty to your native country Macedonia can’t be questioned”, Milososki said.