Former President Ivanov accuses the Anti-Corruption Commission of deliberately dragging out two investigations against him

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Former President Gjorge Ivanov accused the DKSK Anti-Corruption Commission of ignoring court orders to close two cases the Commission initiated against him. In a statement, Ivanov said that one of the cases has been investigated for over 20 months, and the other for over a year, and despite no evidence of wrongdoing, DKSK is still keeping them open.

One of the investigations alleged that Ivanov broke the electoral code when he promoted officers during a period of pre-election campaigning, and the other is over an apartment he purchased near the end of his term.

Two courts found that your decision to keep the investigations open violates the law, and yett you still keep them open. Is it because you are awaiting instruction on how to proceed? DKSK President Biljana Ivanovska is driven by clear and publicly stated animosity towards me and engaged in a media campaign to attack my family, the former President said in his statement.

He announced that he will demand access to the files DKSK has opened on him in accordance with the freedom of information laws, in order to protect his public reputation.