TRAGEDY IN MACEDONIA: The youngest nurse victim of the coronavirus died!

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The union of AMNTMD led by nurses, technicians, midwives and dentists “FOR US” informs that the youngest nurse ever died as victim of the coronavirus. It is about the40-year-old nurse Irena Dojchinovska Miloshevska from the Gerontological Institute “November 13” in Skopje, who was great fighter and humanitarian in and out of herwork responsibilities.

– We want to appeal and emphasize that the virus is really ruthless and there are no agelimits at which it attacks. This is not the first victim nurse, but she is the youngest. Nurses risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones for patients on a daily basis. Please adhere to the measures and help the health system that has long struggled beyond its means, say the executive board of the Union.The Union of ZMSTAS will remember Sister Irena as someone who selflessly gave herself in all activities related to our fight for sisterhood rights, we will remember her asa great philanthropist, loyal collaborator and great friend.

– We express our condolences to the family and loved ones. Her funeral will be held tomorrow, on her birthday. “Angels never die,” they said in a statement.