THE POLICE WILL CHECK THE RENTED COTTAGES FOR THE NEW YEAR -Spasovski revealed that there will be punishments during the holidays!

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It is crime to rent holiday homes to groups of people who are not from the same family, said the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski. He said that there is already operational action by the police and the renting of cottages will be checked. According to him, during the New Year holidays, police officers will inspect and file charges where there will be groupings, which is contrary to government decisions.

“The government has adopted set of measures that will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These are measures that are not popular, but are inevitable because on the one hand we have the spread of the disease and endanger the life and health of citizens, and on the other hand is the normal life of citizens. Each of us must helppr event the spread of the virus. One of the conclusions was regarding the renting of cottages for people who are grouped in groups. There is no ban on renting out cottages for families, but it is crime to rent out cottages to groups of people. We as the Ministry of Interior are working seriously, we have operational action for issuing such weekends, our colleagues are already acting, we are reacting preventively right now to the issuers of the weekends so that they know what can be expected of them if they do that. Control plans are being made, and they will start next week,” Spasovski said. He appealed to owners of cottages to be careful when they will be renting out the cottages and the police will act in accordance with the law. “The Ministry of Interior will act on the basis of the law. Where we have information that there are groupings of persons, in rented cottages, inspection will be made and report
will be submitted. It is a crime. Appeals to owners, no matter how much money you get for that gathering or renting the cottages on New Year’s Eve, are not enough for the feeling that you will contribute to the health of the citizens. To help the doctors, the state, the system. Let us all respect the measures, there will come moments of stopping the virus and organizing celebrations,” Spasovski added.