Misajlovski: Let us not allow Zaev to step on the Macedonian red lines, to go out to protest, now before it is too late

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There is a serious and real basis for great concern after yesterday’s statements by Zoran Zaev given in an interview with the eastern neighbor. The alarm is on and strongly lit because this interview and the theses there could mean preparation for a new cancellation, a new unprincipled agreement to the detriment of the Macedonian state and people. New betrayal, said at today’s press conference the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Vlado Misajlovski.

He stressed that with the last interview with Zaev, the red lines were not trampled, but deleted.

– These statements of Zaev that Skopje, Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka were liberated from the Bulgarians, except that they were ridiculed by the media in the region, represent a gross distortion of historical truths.
The thesis of the existence of an administration, not an occupier, is a trampling on the victim of the partisans and the anti-fascist basis on which the Macedonian state rests. With this statement, Zaev from Skopje from the position of Macedonian Prime Minister resigned from the anti-fascist struggle of Steve Naumov, Kuzman Josifovski Pitu, Metodija Andonov-Cento, Mihajlo Apostolski, Strasho Pindzur. 25 thousand families suffered in the Second World War, now for Zaev it is unimportant which directly offends them. I will address all honest and sincere social democrats who I know do not agree with these statements of Zaev, there is time for political struggle, now is the time for struggle for unity in order to protect the national interests of Macedonia, not to allow Zaev to sell the foundations of the state. I will address the first fighters and their descendants, do not let me, to be a discount for you or the victim of your families, Zoran Zaev gives up on you, devalues ​​and mocks your victim. We publicly call on Zaev to withdraw from his harmful statements and to apologize for the negative attitude towards our heroes. To be careful about what and how he talks and negotiates, says Misajlovski.

He pointed out that what Zaev is talking about now are the last bastions on which our identity rests.

– To stop flattering Bulgarian politicians and start protecting the interests of the people whose prime minister he is. VMRO-DPMNE stands in the forefront together with the people, and that is why today starting at 18:00 we are organizing a protest, over a party protest that will end in front of the Government, which due to the pandemic with KOVID 19 will be by car and will start from SC Boris Trajkovski . Let us not allow Zaev to step on the Macedonian red lines. Let’s go out now before it’s too late! The policy of bent spine is a policy doomed. The people and the citizens will not allow a new sale of the interests of the state. So before it’s too late, let’s go out and raise our voices! We call for more party protest. It does not matter who is for which party, we are all here for Macedonia. Now before it’s too late. All for Macedonia.