HRISTIJAN MICKOSKI: Protest now! We will either show that we deserve a state or we will be gone

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Protest now, before it is too late, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, who called for a beyond-party warning protest for, as he wrote on Facebook, “defense of the red lines that are the last bulwark of our identity.”

There is no Macedonian who does not feel ashamed from the interview, where Zaev told lies about his people with a smile and crossed arms. If Zaev declared the occupiers as liberators, then the Macedonian anti-fascists – the partisans who are the real liberators, Zaev makes them occupiers, and since the Macedonian statehood is based on the anti-fascist and People’s Liberation struggle as well as the Ilinden struggle, then it turns out that Zaev abolishes Macedonian statehood. This is not naive at all, we are in historical moments and we will either show that we deserve a state or we will be gone. So, protest now, before it’s too late!, said Mickoski, urging the citizens to protect themselves, wear face masks and keep distance.

The protest will start at 6 pm in front of the sports hall “Boris Trajkovski”.