New videos of Filipce’s horror called “everything is under control”

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More and more photos and video of the disastrous conditions in the hospitals throughout the country are emerging on social networks. The latest also come from the Bitola hospital, showing the terrible conditions of toilets.

Yesterday there were reports on sick patients receiving infusion therapy two beds, while on the other two lie deceased patients. These photos are really from a horror movie, the Macedonian healthcare. The photos are from the Bitola hospital, and are being shared on social networks with a request for Minister Venko Filipce to resign immediately, and to take the entire government with him.

The videos, posted on Facebook by a patient posts in the hospital, show the true picture of the hospital’s condition. The covid center, canteen, rooms full of garbage and toilets are shown. The lack of hygiene in toilets are shocking. In the same place are the buckets and mops with which the hygienists have to clean, dirty towels, broken door sinks, an umbrella even as protection from blackwater leakage…

The patient showing the video says has no remarks for the medical staff working at the hospital. On the contrary, according to him, all those who work in the Bitola Hospital should be rewarded.

I would give an Order of Merit to the nurses and doctors who work here. They are very busy, but they are not to blame for the condition of the hospital. It is a disaster, the patient comments.