Patients receive infusion therapy on two beds, while deceased patients lie on the other two: Filipce also has Bitola hospital under control

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On two beds sick patients receive infusion therapy, and on the other two lie deceased patients. These photos are really from a horror movie, the Macedonian healthcare. The photos are from the Bitola hospital, and are being shared on social networks with a request for Minister Venko Filipce to resign immediately, and to take the entire government with him.

In the comments of the victims of the Filipce system, it can be seen that this situation is not from today, nor from yesterday, but since the onset of the pandemic.

My mother was hospitalized in the Bitola Clinical Hospital for 20 days in April, a patient died in her room, and they covered her with a sheet with the intention to spend the night in the room. My mother reacted sharply that there was no chance she would spend the night in the same room with the deceased patient and they dislocated the body. Otherwise, their intention was to leave it until the morning, reads one comment.