The statements of Zaev, Dimitrov and Shilegov addressed to Sofia are “drums after the wedding”

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In anticipation of the increasingly certain veto by Bulgaria on the start of negotiations for entry into the European Union, the Government in Macedonia has begun to retaliate from previous positions and the public in terms of relations with neighbours. Namely, Zaev now claims that the positions of Bulgaria are neither good neighbourliness, nor goodwill, nor at least European.

Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov claims that he left meeting in which the Macedonian people were denied, and Shilegov even appeared on Bulgarian television in which he spoke about the role of Bulgaria in the occupation of Macedonia and its ties with Nazism. However, such positions of the government were different until a month ago, although the Bulgarian negative views regarding the Macedonian language and the Macedonian people have been known for a long time.

However, exactly Zaev, Dimitrov and Shilegov, despite the announcements and negations from Sofia, convinced the public some time ago that with the good neighbourly agreements the identity is concreted and no one will ever dispute it again.

– We managed to close the questionnaires about who we are, whether we are Macedonians, whether we speak Macedonian. They are. In addition, we managed to build friendship with three countries with which we have delicate relations historically, said Dimitrov.

“Once and for all, the Macedonians and the Macedonian language have entered the treasury of the world peoples and languages, and no one has any more dilemmas, no one disputes that anymore,” said Zaev.

On the other hand, the mayor of Skopje, Petre Shilegov in 2017 on November 13, the day of the liberation of the city led by the central government did not mention a word about who was the fascist occupier in Skopje during World War II and against who the Macedonian partisans fought.

The current statements of the government can be said to come as “after the wedding – drums”.