Partisan takeover: Justice Minister Maricic used money from his SDSM party to promote his Government department on Facebook

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Justice Minister Bojan Maricic had the official Facebook page of the Justice Ministry sponsored with funds from his SDSM party.

The move is a blatant blurring of the lines between the ruling party and a key institution of the Government, which is meant to operate impartially. SDSM, whose officials have been credibly accused of high scale corruption and extortion, spent huge sums of money on boosting its messages through social media during the campaign for the July 15 elections, and now it seems that the party plans to continue the practice, but not having a partisan initiative to sponsor, is focusing its money to promote Government departments.

The Justice Ministry and the judiciary in general are being widely abused by SDSM for persecuting political opponents, as well as for extortion of businessmen, as shown in the huge Racket scandal.