Nothing from the Government’s plan for clean air, polluted air at the beginning of the heating season

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Nothing from the Government’s plan for clean air, citizens continue to heat with wood, and the air is enormously polluted.
Despite the promises of the Government for cleaner air this year as well, according to the data from the publication “Energy consumption in households” at the beginning of its heating season in Macedonia, almost two-thirds of citizens will use wood heating as the most cost-effective option.

This shows that in this regard, the Government has not implemented any of the announced measures that should have been implemented to stimulate the citizens to heat with environmentally friendly heating bodies.

In the “Clean Air Plan” program to be implemented in 2019 and 2020, the Government promised that pollution in Skopje would be reduced to 50% and 30 to 50% in other cities. But according to the pictures and videos that are circulating on social networks these days, one can only guess what winter will be like.

Another priority goal of this program of the Government was the reduction of emissions of pollutants from heating in households, and as the largest source of pollution, in this sector it was planned to implement the most activities. Activities aimed at finding models to encourage private companies to offer more suitable packages, so that households could more easily decide to change their heating technologies, should have played a key role here.

This included the measure for 20.000 households to purchase inverter air conditioners for heating through vouchers, but this measure, which was pompously announced immediately, was not implemented and the vouchers intended for this purpose remained undivided.