Spasovski was securing mass funeral, now he would enter the homes over received information

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Yesterday, the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski announced precedent in the actions of the ministry, after receiving report or information, he will enter and control will be carried out in the homes of the citizens, and only two days ago he secured it with police officers and led the mass funeral of the former MP Amdi Bajram.

Spasovski says he would not have violated the inalienable right to privacy of the home, but there would have been controls. But the question remains how Spasovski will control without violating the constitutionally guaranteed privacy of the citizens’ home.
Let us recall that the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia is clear when it comes to the inviolability of the home of the citizens which in Article 26 stipulates that the inviolability of the home is guaranteed, which can be limited only by court decision.

Spasovski does not give up on conducting controls in the homes of citizens unconstitutionally, and only now there is precedent in the violation of privacy, announcing that the Ministry of Interior will perform it after information is received.

This announcement surprised the citizens who commented in public that it is illogical for Spasovski to enter the homes after information is received, when only two days ago he secured the mass funeral of ex-MP Amdi Bajram, for which the media reported that there were over 300 present, which among other things post mortem was diagnosed as coronavirus positive.

The regulations adopted by the Government, and Spasovski as official who should take care of the safety of the citizens, violated the protocol for banning mass ceremonies and the presence of more than ten people in case of death from COVID-19.

Now Spasovski, who announced last night that he himself is positive for the coronavirus, is silent about the mass funeral, while appealing not to hold mass rallies, he supports them, he has no responsibility, but that is why privacy remains to be violated unconstitutionally.
Now Spasovski will probably enter people’s homes if someone writes to the Ministry of Interior on social networks, or if someone tags the ministry on Twitter or Facebook, because it can be considered as received information.